Friday, June 17, 2011

So alike, and so different from the rest of Western literature, are the Marriage and the Plaint and the Wake, it is as if there have been three Wakes -- the first two in Latin.
A mysterious cyclic coincidence emerges once the basic similarities of the three works strike the attention, one that might have delighted Joyce, though I have not yet found a direct reference to it in Finnegans Wake. Martianus wrote De nuptiis in the fourth century; Alan, De planctu in the twelfth; Joyce, the Wake in the twentieth. Evidently, Dame Literature serves us a 'book like this' every eight centuries. What to make of that? I don't know, beyond reassuring Mr. Eliot that the next one will be some time coming. - Eric McLuhan
Fourth century, fall of the pagan mind. Rise of the monastic mind. ( See Gibbon ).
Twelfth century, fall of the monastic mind. Rise of the literate mind. ( See Paul Saenger ).
Twentieth century, fall of the literate mind. Rise of the electric mind. ( See your dad ) .


4th century, Bond event 1.
12th century, Medieval Warm Period.
20th century, WW1.

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