Thursday, June 23, 2011


One day in 1966, Tim Leary popped into the Playboy office and the Numerologist and the Mad Scientist lunched together. I had recently found quite a few references to
"Leary" and "LSD" in Finnegans Wake and asked Tim what he thought of that. He replied that Leary is a common Irish name and LSD in Ireland means "pounds, shillings, pence." - Robert Anton Wilson


Ad majorem l.s.d.! Divi gloriam.
A darkener of the threshold. Haru? Orimis, capsizer of his ant-
boat, sekketh rede from Evil-it-is, lord of loaves in Amongded.
Be it! So be it! Thou-who-thou-art, the fleet-as-spindhrift,
impfang thee of mine wideheight. Haru!

Mimosa tenuiflora ( DMT ) :
drugged,¹ lead us seek, lote us see, light us find,
let us missnot Maidadate, Mimosa Multimim-
etica, the maymeaminning of maimoomeining!

¹ For Rose Point see Inishmacsaint.
John Lennon prophecies

That's why we shouldn't be surprised when Joyce appears to write about John Lennon in the very same bit I've quoted from:why, with his see me see and his my see a corves and his frokerfoskerfuskar layen loves in meeingseeing, he got the charm of his optical life when he found himself (hic sunt lennones!) at pointblank range blinking down the barrel of an irregular revolver ( of the bulldog ( with a purpose pattern, handled by an unknown quarreler who, supposedly, had been told off to shade and shoot shy Shem.If you don't think this describes Lennon's assassination, in spite of the cryptic allusions to his work and the open declaration "Here is Lennon!" then remember that the Eggman from Liverpool was killed a few feet away from his liveried chaffeur by someone named "Mark."Mutt.-- Louee, louee! How wooden I not know it, the intellible greytcloak of Cedric Silkyshag! Cead mealy faulty rices for one dabblin bar. Old grilsy growlsy! He was poached on in that eggtentical spot. Here where the liveries, Monomark. There where the missers moony, Minnikin passe.

Jute.-- Simply because as Taciturn pretells, our wrongstory shortener, he dumptied the wholeborrow of rubbages on to soil here.

Mutt.-- Just how a puddinstone inat the brookcells by a riverpool. It's obvious that Finnegans Wake is a long paen to drug intoxication, and predicts John Lennon's death. Goo Goo goosth. Either that or it's easy to project stuff on material that has an element of nonsense to it. I'm not entirely sure. :D

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