Saturday, July 23, 2011

nor a voice from a fire

FW 407.14-15: "voise from afar ... Tu es Petrus"

Telephone: From Ancient Greek tēle, “afar” + phōnē, “voice”. Bellowsed: Alexander Graham Bell.

nor a voice redffire → nor avoice from afire
answered → bellowsed

One night in 1933, she was at home when the news came that a United States District Court had declared “Ulysses” not obscene (which meant that it could be published in the States). The Joyces’ phone rang and rang with congratulatory calls. Lucia cut the phone wires—“I’m the artist,” she said—and when they were repaired she cut them again. As her behavior grew worse, her hospitalizations became longer. She went from French clinics to Swiss sanitariums.

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